Art is another thing I’ve been doing since forever, although not as much professionally due to being generally pretty booked in other fields. I still find the time to take on odd jobs here and there. I work with crow quills, brushes, and India ink, which tends to work pretty great for all the horror art I do.

I did the interior story art for all three editions of Decoded Pride… a few pieces below (there were around 80 pieces total).

I often partner with colorist Tana Thornock. We did a couple of the covers for Decoded Pride together.


I participated in Inktober exactly one time when that was still a thing (I think in 2019ish?), all the pieces were based on horror movies I love (of course). Here’s some of the results:

Some pieces of episode art for the Decoded Horror Channel (a narrative horror podcast made through QueerSpec).

And the images with Tana on colors…


These are some older samples Tana/Sara collaborations back when Tana was using full-out watercolors on every page (we switched to digital after this but these pages are still neat).