Since 2020, I’ve been having my fiction published in a number of anthologies. There are a number of upcoming projects so keep checking back for more, but in the meantime, I’ve included some links where you can find more of my work. I recommend purchasing any of these if you’re interested in horror anthologies but you could also request them at your local library, which is equally great!

I’m one of three editors on the Decoded Pride anthology, which features 30 works of speculative fiction by queer creators. We’ve done three editions so far and it’s been one of the most challenging and most rewarding projects of my life. I have stories in the first two editions and my art is featured in all three. We’re an independent queer publication so I probably don’t have to tell you that each sale helps us exponentially, so look us up here!

My first published short story was in Weirdpunk’s The New Flesh collection, which was a tribute to David Cronenberg and featured a ton of incredible creators. You can pick it up here!

I was part of The Fiends in the Furrows II, which is a really neat folk horror collection. Nosetouch Press puts out a lot of great indie horror so I couldn’t recommend checking them out more! Here’s a link to their shop where you can pick up Fiends and other delights!

My short story A Small Light was featured in Season 16 of The No Sleep Podcast! This is a great ongoing horror podcast, my story is free to listen to but I’ve subscribed to every season because I’m an audio horror fan and there’s not many out here doing it like they do. Listen here!

I have a short piece featured in the zine Excuse Me Mag – most people who know me know that I love zines and got my start as a writer through them, but even as a general zine lover I can say that this one is uniquely great. It offers both PDFs and print copies on the cheap, and I’ve enjoyed each issue, so check them out here.

My short story “Explicit” was featured in Pluto in Furs 2, which is a gorgeous erotic horror anthology through Plutonian Press. I have another upcoming work through the publisher, so definitely check back in, but in the meantime look into Pluto in Furs here – both editions are great!

I had a short featured in Pandemic Unleashed! As the name implies, this was a collection of short stories about the pandemic. Mine went back to plague times and was pretty bleak, but a lot of fun! Check it and all the other great entries here.