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Weirdpunk’s Profane Altars Available Now!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to write a Sword & Sorcery story! Ever since I was a kid reading comics, this is a genre that spoke to me in a very real way. My story, “Never Threaten A Spider,” appears here alongside some seriously rad writers. This is a great collection that I’m proud to be a part of. My OC from this short will be appearing again soon, so keep following along. Meanwhile, you can pick this up through the Weirdpunk site or via Amazon. Weirdpunk is now easier than ever for indie bookstores to pick up, so be in touch with them if you’re a shop owner looking to stock cool, weird, underground horror.

A New Comics Podcast! Best Issue Ever

I’ve started a comic book podcast chatting with friends and creators about their all-time favorite single-issue comics. Wow! It’s been a ton of fun so far, and there’s so much more to come. Listen above, or wherever you get podcasts. If you want to see me continue making podcasts, consider supporting my Ko-Fi, cos these things are a lot of work!

Book Trailer for ‘A Small Light & Other Stories’

Hi, all! My production company Sympathetic Lightning made a trailer for my first short story collection. So much more to come from me writing-wise, but this was such a great book to work on and to see come to fruition. This collection was published by none other than Weirdpunk Books in December 2022.

Feral Architecture Release!

My short story “Just This One Thing” is featured in WeirdPunk Books’ “Feral Architecture: Ballardian Horrors” edited by Sam Richard. I got to go on a lengthy read through a lot of JG Ballard’s work for this and it was pretty incredible. I’m now firmly in the camp of “Ballard is underrated.” At any rate, it was a huge honor to be asked to participate in this anthology! Weirdpunk also published my FIRST horror story in its David Cronenberg tribute, so this seemed a bit full circle in the best way.