Self-portrait by Sara Century

Thanks for checking out the website of Thee Mz. Sara Century, writer, podcaster, and filmmaker extraordinaire. Hope you are doing well and thanks for visiting the page.

Sara is a multi-disciplinary creator with a particular interest in comic books and horror stories. She’s been a reader and storyteller her whole life, officially starting out by making zines as a teenager and trading or selling them at punk shows. Since then, she’s dabbled in music, comics, art, short stories, podcasts, essay-writing, filmmaking, and possibly some other things she’s forgetting at the moment. After a lot of time playing the creative field, she’s settled on horror writing and filmmaking as her main interest. As such, you can pick up her short story anthology, A Small Light & Other Stories, via Weirdpunk Books.

You can follow Sara’s work, well, here, or via her semi-regular newsletter where she discusses current projects as well as book and movie recommendations and more. She also is the co-founder of the QueerSpec projects Bitches on Comics podcast and Decoded Horror Channel, as well as hosting solo podcasts, the narrative horror pod Medusa Mask and Best Issue Ever.