I have some podcasts! The biggest one is Bitches On Comics, which you can subscribe to wherever you get your podcasts and support on Patreon because wow we do a ton of stuff and we focus on interviewing queer and women creators.

I’ve done a number of appearances on Cerebro talking about various X-Characters! Cerebro is a lot of fun so check it out in general but I’m on the Jean Grey, Rachel Summers, Karma, and Candy Southern episodes.

I’ve been on Titan Up The Defense twice, once talking about Valkyrie and once talking about the Batman story A Lonely Place of Dying. So fun!

I regularly guest on Outcasters, a Batman and the Outsiders Podcast with Tim and AJ. I’ve loved revisiting the 80s series! We also went through a number of stories on the Cassandra Cain podcast. You can listen to those and many more comic and TV-related podcasts at The Wright On Network!

I’ve been on another X-Related podcast with Graymalkin Lane, hosted by Chad Anderson! This is a neat one and I have a fair number of appearances so check it out!

I guested on Strong Female Characters to talk about the greatest, Megan Fox and Jennifer’s Body! You can listen here.

I did a lot of movie watches with Jon and Mike at Make Ours Marvel, almost all Marvel-related. You can listen to the many episodes of this on their website.