I’ve been writing for about as long as I can remember. I got my start writing zines and moved on to working for sites like BitchMedia, Autostraddle, The Establishment, and others. That has shifted to being a highly prolific essayist, critic, and journalist with a whole slew of credits. Bear with me because there’s kind of a lot!

Wrote this emotional piece about my experiences growing up reading the X-Men and why the “mutant metaphor” is great but only gets us so far.

Wrote a personal piece on The Raincoats for Bandcamp’s amazing RESONANCE series! Read this but read them all because they’re great!

I occasionally do freelance work through Polygon and IGN!

I do a lot of freelance writing through Adweek, which is behind a paywall but despite the fact that I was an ad hater for a long time, this site really turned that around for me and showed me a lot of what’s interesting and important about advertising (you would be amazed at how much general information you learn through watching ads, it’s nuts). I also get to write about a lot of challenging and even groundbreaking stuff, so it’s a position that keeps me on my toes. You can check out my work here!

I’ve been contributing to the horror site Manor Vellum for a couple of years now and I’ve done a lot of interesting stuff through them, including a lot of one-off pieces but also a couple of series, including one breaking down the Amityville Horror franchise and one that is currently going about the many film adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe’s work. Scroll through the site here.

I have written over fifty pieces for Comic Book Herald, a comic book review site that tends to cover omnibuses or complete runs. These pieces all require monumental amounts of work so if you’re a fan of overviews of important series or character moments, check some of my work out here.

Some of my very favorite pieces I ever wrote were through Bella Media, which were commissioned by my friend and work partner S.E. Fleenor during their time there. If you’re interested in queer critical work, you can find my many pieces for the site here.

I’ve done some pieces through The Cultural Gutter! I love that site so I recommend scrolling through in general, but my pieces can be found here.

I worked for SYFYWIRE FANGRRLS for some time and produced many, many pieces through that site covering a number of queer and feminist subjects related to comics and movies, so there is quite an archive to be found here (though many pieces have been removed since the vertical folded).

A retrospective on Deanna Troi and empathy for which you can find here. I also wrote a follow-up piece about how Riker and Troi were really good at being exes that you can read here.

Looking over the historical books of Abbott Kahler (formerly Karen Abbott) which you can read here.

A more personal essay on my connection with queerness and horror at the excellent Gayly Dreadful site. This is a part of their series that runs often during Pride to raise funds for The Trevor Project, which I highly recommend checking out. Read the piece here!

I’ve written a number of pieces for the comics criticism site Shelfdust, which is a fun, off-the-beaten-path source for interesting critical works. Lots of themed series, which I love. You can read my pieces here.