Horror Writing & Podcasts

Perhaps my favorite thing I do is create horror stories. I have worked in several mediums and hope to continue working in new ones. There’s always something in the works, so you can follow my author page if you get books through Amazon. Otherwise, buckle up and I’ll take you through a few places you can find my work here.

A Small Light & Other Stories is my first collection of short stories! This collects all of my first published short stories with a few never-before-seen entries as well. I am proud of this book and its whole aesthetic. People have left some very kind reviews, so if that’s you, thanks! It really helps. Being an indie horror creator ain’t easy but it’s a little easier with support from publishers like Weirdpunk, who put out this collection!

Decoded Horror Channel is a narrative horror podcast I put a ton of work into! It’s a part of QueerSpec publishing and the Realm Network. There are currently several episodes up and eventually more to come so be sure to subscribe, rate, review, all that stuff to help it thrive. And extra thanks to everyone else who has put time and effort into making it, it’s a long list of helpers and it’s very appreciated.

Last year I wrote a story called “More Machine” for The Pinworm Factory, a seriously wild romp through Eraserhead references. This collection features some of my favorite writers working today, so I highly recommend you checking it out if you are or aren’t a David Lynch fan. For some reason I feel like viewing that weird world through the lens of all these different authors will be good for you (it was good for me!) Also, my short story “Explicit” appeared in Plutonian Publishing’s Pluto in Furs 2, so check out their other anthologies while you’re there!