A Small Light & Other Stories

A Small Light & Other Stories by Sara Century

Hi, I wrote a book! Or I suppose more accurately a collection of short stories, but it sure turned into a book. You can pick this up through the WeirdPunk Press website and honestly highly recommend you take a look around while you’re there cos there are some great indie horror novels and collections on there. Meanwhile, here are some nice things people have said about it!

“Century’s fiction packs the potency of a nightmare that haunts the mind long after one has woken. She weaves dark poetry out of her character’s relationships and crafts imagery designed to unsettle and inspire awe in equal measure. These stories whisper in your ear in the dark of night, and you will find yourself welcoming their insidious omens with outstretched arms.” – Brendan Vidito (Pornography for the End of the World)

“Sara Century writes with subtle intensity and care. In a genre often extreme, alien, and operatic, her horror stories drop us into the small center of our familiar, vulnerable human core and send ripples spreading outward, enlarging gradually to create a total emotional effect. A Small Light is a book full of dark awakenings.” – Joe Koch (The Wingspan of Severed Hands, Convulsive)