Well, it looks like I’ve finally been in enough books that I should probably give book appearances their own tab. If you get your books primarily through Amazon or Kindle, I have an author page over there, so check that out. Meanwhile, lemme post about some of the horror anthologies I’ve appeared in real quick.

A Small Light & Other Stories short story anthology by Sara Century

First up, there is A Small Light & Other Stories (no relation to the Disney/NatGeo series). This was published through Weirdpunk Books, who prints a ton of great stuff. People have said a ton of very nice stuff about this collection, and I love that! These were all my first-ever completed shorts, and so there’s a lot of interesting stuff as far as themes I was/am interested in – nature, horror, girlfriends, horror, class, and horror, pretty much. Hear me discuss this book at length on this episode of Bitches on Comics with S.E. Fleenor and Danny Lore, and pick it up through Weirdpunk. The title story was adapted by The NoSleep Podcast!

The Pinworm Factory: A Tribute to Eraserhead horror anthology

I was also in this great anthology, The Pinworm Factory, which is a tribute to Eraserhead-era David Lynch. This anthology was planned in the aftermath of Roe V Wade being overturned so there is definitely some serious disillusionment in my story, “More Machine.” The authors that appear in this collection are absolutely incredible, so pick it up if you’re a fan of David Lynch or general horror.

I clearly love appearing in tributes, so here’s another recent one I popped up in, Feral Architecture. This was Sam’s brainchild but I’m thrilled I was asked to participate. It’s all based in the nebulous world of JG Ballard-ish horror, and it was a great excuse to read a TON of his work leading into the release. My story, “Just This One Thing” is a bit pandemic allegory and a lot of weird body horror and Ballardy surrealism. Another anthology where every author just knocks it out of the park.

I think The Fiends in the Furrows II was the second anthology to publish my work. This anthology absolutely rules and is a must-read for folk horror fans imho. My story, “Death of a Drop of Water,” was also adapted to audio form by Wilhelm Presents, which is a fun narrative horror podcast.