Even more podcasts!

I’ve been appearing on podcasts all over the darn place lately, and it’s been extremely fun. Here are the most recent guest spots! All these folks really do turn it out for their listeners and go the extra mile, so please consider supporting them via rating and reviewing, signing up through Patreon, sharing links, etc!

I was on the Battle of the Atom podcast (self-described as “the second or third most popular X-Men podcast on the internet)! We discussed leadership in the X-Men, which gave me the opportunity to go full fangirl on Storm, Emma, and Jean.

I also guested on Graphic Policy Radio hosted by Elana Levin! That was great fun, and we discussed at length many of our absolute favorite comics of 2019 (there were A LOT). Listen here:

Of course, I’m still cohosting Bitches on Comics with SE, so check for new episodes of that every week on any of your preferred podcast channels, or at